No seriously I did. Literally, I did a running front tuck right into the foam pit at SkyZone.

It was so much fun. A bit risky considering I haven’t done a front tuck in almost 30 years, but I had a guaranteed soft landing. I can’t wait to go again.

Now some of you are probably saying, “Nicole you don’t seem like a front tuck into the foam pit kind of gal.” Others are like, “Wow that was easy!

The perception of difficult and risk is relative.

Let’s Talk Risky Business

I don’t consider myself a risk taker. I checked the boxes when I met my husband: roller coasters, motorcycle ride, jet skis, and horseback riding. Done, done, done and DONE. He hasn’t gotten me to do any of that stuff since.

I am change and risk aversive. I like to know what’s coming next and have two or three contingency plans for it. By nature, I’m a planner. I like to consider every move. That is a strength, but it can also be a weakness (more on that later).

As an entrepreneur celebrating thirteen years in business, I understand why there may be some who think I am a risk taker. There is safety in the consistency of a pay check as long as you’re doing the work.

Some of my friends (and most of my family) thought I was crazy when I started my business. I walked away from a successful career in marketing to launch my own business.

Yeah, it was scary, but it was a calculated risk. I knew that if I applied my know-how from my previous career with something that I was passionate about and worked a plan consistently—I could make it happen.

Here I am thirteen years later. It hasn’t been easy, but I wouldn’t trade it for the corporate grind ever again.

BTW, I was a gymnast in high school and a front tuck was my first dismount of the balance beam. I’ve fallen hard on that move before, so I knew the cushy landing waiting for me wouldn’t hurt anywhere near as much as the ones I missed before. Calculated risk.

Why Am I Sharing This?

Someone reading this is on the cusp of trying to take a leap of faith to take what others think is a big risk.

It might be going for that big promotion, writing a book or pitching that new client.

Whatever it is, I’m here to encourage you not to run in the other direction.

Stretching your comfort zone and taking risks is what will get you to your next level. It’s going to be a little scary, but totally worth.

Joe Vitale has said that a goal should “scare you a little and excite you a lot.” Be sure that you aren’t confusing that excitement with fear.

Before you take that risk, have you laid out your success plan.

Having a plan of action is key to making risk work for you. Some people make it work by going for their gut, but most of us need to think things through.

Taking That Calculated Risk

If you think you’re ready to take that leap, do a little bit of prep work minimize your risk.

  • Start with your vision. Don’t just jump off the trampoline without knowing what your landing looks like. I had a very clear vision of what I wanted my business to be.
  • Consider where you are today. Be honest about what skills, talents and capabilities you have that will set you up for success. Knowing where you are today will show you what you need to do in order to get to your vision.
  • Brainstorm options. Think about all the possible outcomes that can happen when you work on your goal. Consider the ups and the downs. For every obstacle, try to come up with a win.
  • Rank your options. Rank each option on a scale of 1-5 each for Difficulty, Your Readiness, Cost (time or money) and Excitability
  • Pick the ones that rank highest and lay out a plan. Work the plan that excites you and that will get you closer to your goal.

This is just starting point. Just like the countless hours I put in on the mat years ago, you have to build the muscles you need to be ready to rock your goal.

Here’s an insider’s tip-when you think through your plan and visualize yourself successfully overcoming obstacles to get there– you are more likely to reach your goal. Visualizing gets you more comfortable with the idea an reduces your risk.

Thirteen years ago, I pictured myself successfully running a business that supports my family and allows me to be present for all the big moments and some of the little ones.

Is it scary some days? Yup. But when you know what you’re capable of, taking that leap of faith is easier than you think!

Drop me a line or give me a shout if you need help preparing to take a leap of faith.

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