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About Nicole Chamblin, MA, RCC®, CPBA® CTPC®

Nicole is the Chief Visionary, Productivity Coach of Visions Productivity Solutions. She leverages over 20 years of experience in helping professionals connect with their vision, communicate their goals and collaborate more productively.

A speaker, author and passionate trainer, Nicole loves teaching ways to more effectively manage goals, set priorities, kick self-defeating behaviors and improve teamwork.

Nicole is also a Results Certified Coach®, Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst®, and a Certified Team Performance Coach®.

Leveraging her background in psychology and communication with real world lessons from working in marketing and advertising and serving on not-for-profit boards, Nicole brings unique insight into the productivity challenges facing us at work. Nicole’s engaging training style delivers proven tips, tools and best practices to help manage the feeling of overwhelm and gain mental clarity.

Nicole is a strategic partner to learning and development professionals to provide services in the following areas:

Executive Coaching and Facilitation

Results focused coaching leveraging insights from neuroscience, to help developing leaders take critical thinking and management skills to the next level.

Group coaching programs to improve team productivity and collaboration in support of the organization’s mission and goals.

Coaching managers on how to establish clear outcomes, set realistic timelines and confirm next steps to prioritization.

Developmental coaching for emerging leaders to build leadership, communication and managerial skills.

Organizational Development

Assisting teams in understanding how to prioritize daily tasks with the ever-increasing demands on schedules, whirlwind days of meetings and aggressive goals that characterize the typical work environment.

Guiding managers in laying out workflow, communication guidelines, and best practices to track project milestones, dependencies, resources and timelines.

Training and Staff Development

Delivering engaging and interactive content designed to energize attendees.

Topics include communication skills, prioritization, time management, goal setting, teamwork, soft skills for emerging leaders, changing behaviors and adapting new habits.

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