What’s New: I was given the NAWBO Greater DC Chapter President’s Award and I was sworn in as a Board Member/Membership Chair! I am so honored by this recognition as NAWBO is an organization I hold close to my heart.
“For decades, the NAWBO Greater DC chapter (also NAWBO’s inaugural chapter) has offered women business owners educational programming that enriches mindsets, events that inspire, advocacy that propels systemic change, and a sisterhood that supports and nurtures our members to become better, sharper and more successful business leaders.”
“We are unapologetic about promoting and advocating for women business owners and their entrepreneurial interests.”
Being a business owner comes with its share of challenges as much as triumphs. It can be isolating at times. Being a member of NAWBO has given me community and a space where I can learn, grow, share, and uplift others. I’ve found a sisterhood where I can expand my CEO mindset, be of service and make sure that other woman business owners can do the same.

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