Hi, I'm Nicole Chamblin

Productivity Coach, Author & Trainer
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Hi, I’m Nicole Chamblin

Productivity Coach, Author & Trainer

I’m so glad you stopped by my virtual home.

Here’s a little bit about me, before I give you the “grand tour.”

Some of my clients call me a “procrastination-proof coach” because I’m all about accountability, motivation and follow through. Others call me an entertaining educator because I bring the fun along with the lessons learned in my classes.

When people ask me what I do, I jokingly say that I teach adults how to behave at work. In truth I’m all about inspiring others so they can be better versions of their yesterday self.

As you get to know me better, you’ll hear me talk about  visionaries and a goal getters.

Your vision could be crystal clear or a little blurry. I’ll help you keep focus and get clarity.

Your goals may seem out of reach and way out of your comfort zone. Together, we’ll build strategic bridges to make them closer  and less scary.

Whether you’re a SHEro proudly wearing your cape, or a team of high achievers who like to whistle while you work, I focus on achieving results that move you forward.

Now for the virtual tour…

Visions Productivity Solutions

Soft Skills Training, Executive Coaching, Team Building

Full Plate Detox

Resources for Time Starved Super SHEros

Visions Academy

Self-Paced Online Learning

The Blog Spot

From time management, communication, team development and leadership skills- my posts focus on ways to improve productivity and engagement at work. Comments are welcomed!

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Resolutions Suck

Resolutions Suck

Here we are, 2020 in the rear-view mirror, three weeks into the brand, new year and I bet you can’t remember your resolutions? Oh, don’t feel bad if you forgot your resolutions. You’re not alone. Only 25% of people who make resolutions stick with them past 30 days....

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Today is Launch Day

Today is Launch Day

It has been a while since I’ve posted a blog—but I have good reasons. I re-designed my branding (more on that below), wrote a book, completed my ICF Coaching Credential, and spent many weeks working with teams to improve their engagement and productivity. While I’ve...

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Want to, Have to, Need to

Want to, Have to, Need to

How many times do you get frustrated at the thought of doing something that you “have to do?” You can feel the weight and tension just picturing it. Things we have to do are rarely fun or enjoyable. They get us as excited as the thought of a root canal. What if you...

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