I was recently featured on Haka Life Nutrition’s Warrior Stories video podcast where I talked with Hannah about my story of truth, cancer, and the Power of Questions.

There’s so much importance in sharing our individual health journeys with each other. This is how you know you’re not alone. Having a community of others going through similar situations helped me through one of the most trying times in my life. Critical diagnoses strip you bare but my faith helped me know that I would navigate this. Everything came back to trusting in God and relying on my support system. My treatment team would remind me that I wasn’t alone. Where I was once the person who needed all the answers, this was a time when I had to fall back and learn to trust someone else.

You have to get comfortable with vulnerability. I had to. I’m actually an introvert, believe it or not. My behavioral style is: I tend to be more guarded, more formal. And those were huge hurdles I had to get past. I had to just talk to myself and say ‘you have to do it.’

My battle with breast cancer has motivated me to encourage all other women to let go of the discomfort regarding mammograms & talking about our health. You have to get comfortable with vulnerability in order to overcome whatever you’re faced with.

Please be encouraged by this talk in your own situation and share the podcast with anyone in your life who might be blessed by this discussion.

Thank you so much to Hannah and Haka Life Nutrition! 
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