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Play Hard to Work Harder

Play Hard to Work Harder

Like many parents out there this month, I’m getting ready to celebrate my son as he passes another milestone. He’s “moving up” from 5th grade. Yup, I’ll have a middle schooler on my hands at the end of the summer. Now if you ask him, his summer will be filled with...

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What’s the Catch?

On a recent trip with family, I went to a restaurant The Catch, and enjoyed my share of crawfish and shrimp. I also enjoyed the complimentary margaritas. I was surprised that they give the alcoholic drinks for free—with refills. When I asked why they charged for a...

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Take Time to Decompress

Entrepreneurs and small business owners (especially micro-businesses) know that this life can be feast or famine. The pendulum can easily swing from having a light workload, to being so busy that we start thinking about scaling up our business. We can easily get lost...

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Know Your Motivators

Successful goal achievement depends on a lot of thing, including alignment of goals and values, will-power, discipline, availability of resources and possessing the right skills. One big factor is motivation. If you’ve ever coached or mentored someone, you know the...

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Not Deciding is a Decision

One of the most difficult but important life skill is learning how to make the right decisions in life. We start learning this lesson very early in life and many struggle long after. One of my mentors, Barbara Hemphill has built a 40+ year career on the phrase...

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Don’t Give in to Spring Fever

Unless you’re a high school or college senior in the grips of senioritis, Spring Fever is probably rearing it’s ugly head making it hard to get to work. Here’s what to watch out for. Despite the allergies, I love Spring. I remember being in college struggling to get...

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