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Paper Productivity System

Method for organizing paper files in three locations: individual offices, central files, and archives. This service is designed to provide the client a Centrally-Understood Filing SystemTM for paper and other physical resources, using iPEP, so that anyone in the...

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The GO System Implementation Kit

The GO System Implementation Kit

   The GO System Implementation Kit Put in practice the lessons taught in the Boot camp with: A 96-page workbook of ideas and exercises for addressing specific issues to improve focus, organization and productivity A copy of Getting Organized, a 192-page book that...

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Organized Visions Book Project Participant Assessment

  Thank you for agreeing to participate in the Organized Visions Book Project. The process begins when you take the Participant Assessment. Once that is submitted, I can get to work on providing you the things that I promised. Remember, as a participant, you will...

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Conquering the Agonizing 6 Web Series

Join us for this 7 class series that dives deeper into conquering the Agonizing 6.  1.Handling incoming items 2.Prioritizing your workload 3.Rational and realistic use of your time 4.Managing projects 5.Personality issues that impact your work life and...

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The Disorganized Desk Test

If you feel less effective than you could be, take the following "Desk Test." You may discover that a messy desk might be partially to blame for any reduced productivity when it comes to organizing your work and making telephone calls. Print the test and check off...

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