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Virtual Services

As a small business owner and entrepreneur, I understand what it means to wear many hats.  I've learned that being able to focus on what's important helps to reduce the stress that comes from the many demands of running a business. If you're feeling overwhelmed from...

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Paper Tiger Productivity Solution

A complete, turnkey organizing and productivity service for a department or entire organization. A full Productivity Solution includes all the philosophy, processes, and tools to help the client increase productivity by organizing time, space, and information....

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Productive Environment Audit

Needs assessment to identify areas where a client needs assistance. A Productive Environment AuditTM is a "needs assessment" to identify where a client wants help using a Productive Environment ScorecardTM. Each employee can complete an individual Scorecard, or an...

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The 8-Hour Miracle

Eight hours of hands-on personal organizing service with one individual in one office (including assistant, if desirable). The 8-Hour MiracleTM is a proven process for managing time, space, and information. It's an "intervention" program for one individual in one...

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Productive Environment Day

Office file clean out for company or department. File clean out is a key activity in moving a client to a productive environment.  Productive Environment DayTM can be part of a total productivity solution or a stand-alone service. In the past, most companies had...

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Paper Productivity System

Method for organizing paper files in three locations: individual offices, central files, and archives. This service is designed to provide the client a Centrally-Understood Filing SystemTM for paper and other physical resources, using iPEP, so that anyone in the...

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