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Don’t Let Fear Block Your Greatness

Fear. Just saying the word makes you cringe. It brings to mind all sorts of things that care the daylights out of you. It could be snakes. Speaking in front of large groups. Heights. Whatever it is, the simple thought of doing or confronting that thing you fear can...

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Don’t Let Serial Perfectionism Hold You Back

Serial Perfectionism Can be Managed I have really good problems this week—they aren’t problems at all. My current situation is where I’ve worked hard to be as a business owner. Four clients requested proposals instead of me having to chase business. YEAH! One client...

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You Got A Minute?

I teach a class Managing an Overwhelming Workload, and during that class I do a poll asking what folks consider their biggest time challenges at work. Without fail, “managing interruptions” is among the top issues folks are struggling with at work. If you’ve ever...

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Fear Woke Me Up

I Woke Up in a Cold Sweat I had one of the worst nightmares in a long time and it was about something so innocent and simple. I was a guest speaker on a webinar and for a ton of crazy reasons, couldn’t dial into the call. In my nightmare all these weird and highly...

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When Plans Go Wild

Last week I was in a really great mood leading up to Mother’s Day. Hubby asked me where I wanted to go eat, and I picked a really casual place we went to before that had great food and a fun family atmosphere. I told him I just wanted to spend the day with him and our...

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Calling All Super SHEroes!

Today I had the honor of helping serve lunch in appreciation for our teachers at my son’s school. They were so grateful and appreciative of what was just a few hours work of my time. It made me think of the teachers and other amazing SHEroes in our lives and the many...

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