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When Plans Go Wild

Last week I was in a really great mood leading up to Mother’s Day. Hubby asked me where I wanted to go eat, and I picked a really casual place we went to before that had great food and a fun family atmosphere. I told him I just wanted to spend the day with him and our...

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Calling All Super SHEroes!

Today I had the honor of helping serve lunch in appreciation for our teachers at my son’s school. They were so grateful and appreciative of what was just a few hours work of my time. It made me think of the teachers and other amazing SHEroes in our lives and the many...

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Quick Ways to Organize Your Desk

Hey there! I’m really excited this week. On Friday, I head of to St. Charles Illinois to join a few hundred of my fellow organizing and productivity professionals for our Annual Conference and retreat. Almost thirteen years ago, when I was ready to make a run from my...

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Bad Habits & Goal Blockers

Are You Your Own Problem? I promised you truth and authenticity. Here it goes. When you miss the mark on your goals, don’t get caught up in the “it wasn’t me” trap. Yes, there are going to be external factors that get in the way, but more often than not, the goal...

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Lions Don’t Hang Out with Sheep!

Real talk. There are a few good reasons why family members and friends aren’t always a good fit for a seat at your business round table. They may be great to talk to during a bad break up, but they probably don’t have a clue how to properly support you in your...

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