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Filling Your Plate at the Goals Buffet

In my last post “Picking the Right Goals” I asked you to create a wish list of possible goal starters. This list was a tour around all the things you might want to tackle in the coming year. Notice I said might. It is super tempting to create a mile long list of all...

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Picking the Right Goals

One of the challenges when it comes to goal setting is picking the right goal. Too often we jump on the bandwagon and pick goals based on what other people around us are doing. I see it all the time-especially with entrepreneurs—we let shiny new objects or trying to...

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Did Blue Monday get you too? Okay so we're a few weeks into the year and you started off with a list of resolutions that you were "gonna get done or else!" Yet here you are and you haven't even looked at your list in weeks! The third Monday of January is called “Blue...

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Visions of Going Paperless

Achieving Your Visions of Going Paperless The American Forest and Paper Association estimates that the typical business generates 1.7 pounds of paper per person per day. A recent article in the Journal of Accountancy says that industry figures estimate a paperless...

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Are You Judging or Perceptive

Our personality types say a lot about us and when we listen, it can help us be more productive. Judging types live a very structured life that others can perceive as disciplined, while Perceptive types are very flexible and go with the flow, keeping their options...

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