It has been a while since I’ve posted a blog—but I have good reasons.

I re-designed my branding (more on that below), wrote a book, completed my ICF Coaching Credential, and spent many weeks working with teams to improve their engagement and productivity.

While I’ve been having a lot of fun, I’ve had a few requests about how I can bring more of my training and coaching to a wider audience.

I took a step back last year to recalibrate my brand and think about the many contact points that I have with my connections. My goal is to always bring value, so I turned my communication channels upside down and made some big changes. I’m sharing with you about those changes today, the biggest one being my new book.

The Full-Plate Detox is here!

I’m so excited to announce the launch of my book The Full-Plate Detox: The Time-Starved SHEro’s Guide for Getting Back to the Top of Her Priority List Guilt Free!

  • The Full-Plate Detox guides you to create a success plan to:
  • Declutter your calendar and protect your time
  • Regain your inspiration and pursue your passion
  • Shed your guilt and get back to the top of your priority list
  • Refill your cup and give from your overflow

May 5th is the national book release and book buying day! Be sure to grab a copy or gift one to a SHEro you know who is ready to slay their goals and get back to the TOP of their priority list! Grab your copy at then join the private Facebook group for more resources (details on how to join are in the book)!

What is else is heading your way?

The book launch is just the first of a few things in store. I’ve been working on e-books, courses and other content to help the learning professional, busy SHEro and do-it-yourselfer. Check out these resources below!

My blogs and main hub can be found at While there, sign up for my 52-week Productivity Tip series so you can stop trying to pour from an empty cup. Visit the Services page to access the other resources and sites below.


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The Full Plate Detox is my private coaching hub for busy time-starved super SHEros who are ready to get back to the top of their priority list. If that’s you head on over to buy the book, learn about coaching and access other resources.

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