I’ve been doing completely unscientific polls all week on social media and the verdict is in: we all feel robbed and hate Daylight Saving Time. Yup, the clocks jumped ahead which means we lost and hour. I don’t know about you, but I’m still tired from losing the hour they stole from is this weekend. Now I’m not diving into the heated debate about whether or not we should change the law, but I will chime in on the negative effects that it has physically and psychologically.

Even my early bird loving friends are dragging around this week. Studies have shown that the Monday after we jump the clock tends to have a higher rate of car and workplace accidents, likely due to all the tired drivers and workers out there. Additionally, there seems to be an increase in heart attacks within the first 3 days after the change. No bueno! I’m sure coffee shops have been happy with the additional coffee runs and double espresso shots. Healthy decision making and self-regulation tend to go out the window right after the clocks switch also.

We’re tired, over-caffeinated and on top of it already stressed out because we never think we have enough time, and this week confirmed it.

Put Down the Coffee Cup

OK, you can only drink so much coffee, put the cup down. Basic self-care is your first step to combatting the clock-change-blahs, so try these quick fixes to help you finish the week strong!

  • Grab a bottle of water-hydrating your body will help you recover.
  • Take cap naps or mindful breaks throughout the day (think a couple minutes of breathing exercises or meditation).
  • Take advantage of the extra sun, and get some sunlight in your diet as early in the day as you can-it will help you stay awake.
  • Go for a walk-a short 10-15 minute walk will get your blood flowing and help rejuvenate you
  • Try to stick to your regular schedule and go to bed and wake up at your usual times
  • Skip the sweets and maintain a healthy diet and avoid the sugar rush hangover on top of everything else.

Beat the Clock at its Own Game

The one cool thing about Daylight Saving Time is that even though we had less time in the day, we were still able to get our work done. I’m a Marie Forleo B-School alumni and one of my favorite lessons learned from her is the “catch a flight” mentality. We are all great at getting up and getting to the departure gate on time when we have to catch a flight, but complain about not being able to fit things in. If you approach things with mindset that you “have to hit your deadline” you’ll work with greater purpose and get your work done.

So don’t stress the hour. Yeah, we all feel robbed, but the reality is that you were probably going to spend it on social media anyway.

Take the “L” and be more intentional about the time that you do have. Carl Sandburg said it well, “time is the coin of life. Only you can determine how it will be spent.” Spend your time wisely, after all, you’re short an hour this week!

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