Visualization is one of the most powerful goal achievement techniques you can have in your arsenal. Research has shown that among the many benefits of visualization is the increased likelihood of success. Athletes and celebrities from Oprah Winfrey to Tiger Woods have shared that visuazling their goals has proven to be a powerful and valuable tool in their careers.

It’s not a new technique, but surprisingly, not enough people are using it in their personal lives. I’m on a mission to change that.

Purposeful visualization of achieving your goal uses the power of your mind to boost success. In purposeful visualization, you engage not just your visual sense, but you incorporate all the others to make what you are visualizing as real as possible.

When athletes visualize successfully hitting a free throw, they engage their muscles along with their minds to mentally practice success.

The more you mentally practice success, the better your outcomes once you put action behind them.

What’s a Vision Board?

If you’ve never done one, a vision board is basically a collage of images that you choose to represent your goals. It’s designed by you to showcase all of the things that you want to achieve.

Want to run a marathon? Pull a picture of someone crossing the finish line. Want to speak on stage? Grab a picture of your dream venue? Want to get your abs beach body ready? Put up a picture of that slamming bikini you’ll be able to wear once you hit your goals.

Your vision board will keep images of your goals front and center to remind you of what you’re working towards.

What’s in the Power of a Vision Board?

  • It’s a great way to trick your brain. Our brains work best with pictures. When we visualize our goals, we are tricking our brains into believing that we can actually achieve them. We create familiarity with the goal outcome and make it less scary and unfamiliar. The more you visualize yourself successfully overcoming obstacles and reaching your goal, you remove many of the barriers to achieving them.

  • They give us daily promptings. Images of the things we’re working on remind us of the end goal. Sometimes the finish line is further out than we’d like. A Vision Board will keep the outcome you’re working on close at hand. Looking at your Vision Board daily will prompt you to continue working (or to get started on) that goal.

  • They are fun! When you can inject a little fun to spice up a difficult process, it makes time go by faster. The positive, fun images you choose for your vision board will help keep your energy and motivation levels up—especially when things get tough.

Always Wanted to Do a Vision Board, but Hate the Cutting & Pasting?

Me too! When I first did a Vision Board, I was pretty bummed. I spent what felt like hours pouring through magazines looking for the “perfect” image of my goals. I left frustrated because I couldn’t find the inspiring images that I wanted for my board. Instead, I ended up cutting a bunch of words out, but my board looked “blah”.

Some folks are very successful with the “scrapbooking” process of creating a Vision Board, but I wasn’t one of them.  A dear friend taught me the trick of creating digital Vision Boards. I keep my vision front and center on my screensaver and on my wall.

I fell in love with the process so much that I have been teaching others to do them for the past few years. Oh what fun!

Want to join me?

I’m hosting a Virtual Vision Board event on Monday January 21st at 7pm. You can join in from the comfort of your own computer. I’ll walk you through my tips and tricks for creating a digital vision board and if you miss the glue, how you can mount the images once you’re done.Register for the Virtual Vision Board here.

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