Way back in January I was sitting with my Goal Getters Mastermind group and shared with them how much I hated doing video. (It’s true-I don’t like myself on video.) I knew though that overcoming my hangups about video are key to me getting to my next level.

So what turned into an online Summit with me doing video interviews with over 20 other experts started out as a little challenge from my mastermind partners to just do a few. I picked up the gauntlet back in January and said I would commit to doing 7 videos on Facebook.

When I started, I stressed about my hair, if people watch, if the things I was saying were meaningful enough, if the lighting ok. Despite the stress, I started to have fun. Folks were commenting. They were giving me feedback. They LIKED my videos.

So I said “hey this video thing might not be so bad.” I figured I could handle a little 5 minute video.

Then I met Jennie

I started looking forward to my videos. Right around that time, I got an email from Jennie Wright co-owner of MANAGEMEANT. I had been cyber-stalking her list for about a year. Jennie is a list building expert and Marketing Strategist and I liked her flow, the information she shared and her approach.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew I was destined to work with her. I booked a strategy call with her. The more we spoke during that first call the more I knew it was my time. Jennie said, “Nicole, we can’t work together if you’re not willing to do video interviews.” I had to think about it. She wasn’t talking about little itty bitty 5 minute videos. She was a talking about 30+ minute interviews, with in depth conversation worthy of being in a summit.

I told her I’d think about it, went off to a conference and ran into a reality check.

My Summit Theme Was On Her Slide

Jennie and I talked about what the theme of my summit would be. So imagine my inner conversation when the first session I attended, the theme of my summit “fill your empty cup” was on an opening slide for the speaker. CONFIRMATION. I committed in that moment to see this thing through.

Not only that, I reached out to that speaker and told her what I was working on and asked her if we could connect. We spoke a few weeks later, and I had the honor of interviewing Charisse Sisou for my summit.

When I got back home I sent my contract in and started the work.





Have you ever felt like everything was rooting for you to fail?

Jennie said to me one day that the more you want something, the harder it will feel to reach it. You’ll start to feel like everything is conspiring against you.

I will spare you the angst, the stress, the worries and the many challenges that cropped up (broken shoulders, hacked credit cards, family funerals and more), but she was SO RIGHT!

One big lesson learned was that I had to dig deep and push through it all.

That Wasn’t All I Learned During the Process

I learned a lot about myself and what I’m capable of. Here’s a short list:

  • Fears are smaller in the rear view mirror. Looking back, the things that I was worried about that kept me from doing video weren’t that important. No one cared as much as I did about the superficial things, as long as the information was quality (which it was!).
  • Comfort zones are made to be moved: As humans when we get too used to something it’s not always a good thing. Being set in our ways will stop us from progress. We are made to evolve, grow, achieve new levels of success. As a coach I know this, but every once in a while, I like everyone else has to be reminded that it’s time to move. Thank you Jennie!
  • My message needs to be heard. The overwhelming feedback from attendees was that the summit filled a need-oftentimes, more than one. Careers, health, finances, business launches, marketing plans, communication strategies….the summit covered it all and the speakers gave incredible tips. So many are struggling with empty cups and I felt good to help folks get filled up.
  • I am ready for my next level: The summit was an offshoot from an idea to write a book about my interviews with different experts. Guess what I’m working on next?!? Yup. I’ll be writing a book. Stay tuned for details.

I have so much more to do, give and be. And so do you.

I wanted to share this story so you can see that no matter where you are in your journey, it’s not too late to set a new goal, meet new people, or overcome a fear.

I would love to hear about what you’re working on. Please drop me a line and let me now what you think.

You Can Still Enjoy the Summit.

The Fill Your Empty Cup Summit has been over for almost 2 weeks…but folks are still signing up. I’ve set it up so they can still get access to the 20+ interviews and get started on filling their cup. You can too. Just jump on over to this link to get your access to the summit rewind!

Special Thanks to….

Jennie Wright my coach, Joanna Frabrizio my VA and right hand during the summit and my amazing experts.






















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