I Woke Up in a Cold Sweat

I had one of the worst nightmares in a long time and it was about something so innocent and simple.

I was a guest speaker on a webinar and for a ton of crazy reasons, couldn’t dial into the call. In my nightmare all these weird and highly unlikely scenarios kept getting in the way:

  • I couldn’t find something to wear to the webinar
  • My family in NY were being noisy, but we were at my house in VA
  • I couldn’t read the call-in number
  • I couldn’t find the organizer’s phone number to tell her I couldn’t log in

My subconscious was screaming at me all the ways to resolve it. I literally woke up sweating and panicked.

Why Did I Freak Out?

Webinars have been a huge part of how I’ve made my living for over 10 years. I’ve lead and organized more than I can count. The idea that I couldn’t figure out how to log in is kind of scary to me.

While technology issues can happen, usually calling in is the easy part and the no brainer for me.

I’ll admit, I used to get very nervous about the tech issues when I first started but have experienced and successfully overcome so many that my brain couldn’t wrap around it.

The part that was really scary was the hesitation I felt in taking the first step. I couldn’t understand why I was putting all those roadblocks in my way.

I woke up and it got me thinking about how often fear stops us from moving forward, with even the simple things.

Fear Is A Powerful Thing

Fear was the underlying emotion. I realized in the dream I was scared of not doing a good job, so I was protecting myself by not calling in.

Wow! How often have you “protected” yourself by not trying in the first place?

Fear of failure is one of the most powerful goal blockers out there. While I remember being scared the first time I ran a webinar, it all worked out. And now even though Mercury goes into retrograde and sometimes technology screws up, I don’t stress about doing webinars like I did the first time.

Even more, I couldn’t imagine running my business and working the way I do without the comfort level I have with working virtually. I even teach classes on working virtually now.

Are You Sweating Your First Step?

Let’s talk about you now.

Where is fear showing up for you? Can you think of something you’ve wanted to do for a long time, but you’ve let that voice in your head hold you back?

Where would you be, if you didn’t let fear stop you?

Failure is not falling down but failing to get up. ~ Chinese Proverb

Taking the first step on the way to your goal can be one of the scariest monster you’ve ever faced. But imagine a few years down the road when you’re living your dream.

That first step will seem so small, so easy. Pushing past that fear to get to the other side, is the only way to calm the noise.

I quoted Benjamin Franklin in my last blog where he talked about taking 1000 steps to invent the light bulb. Other people called it failing 1,000 times!

Don’t let fear of failure get in the way of taking that first step.

Go ahead and fail, just make sure you fall forward. You’ll be one more step closer to reaching your goal.

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