Today I had the honor of helping serve lunch in appreciation for our teachers at my son’s school. They were so grateful and appreciative of what was just a few hours work of my time.

It made me think of the teachers and other amazing SHEroes in our lives and the many sacrifices they make that go unnoticed daily.

No offense to the fellas but this one is for all the ladies-in thanks for the many things you do every day to make our lives easier.

This week alone we celebrate National Nurses Week,
Teacher Appreciation Week, and International Coaching Week!

We also celebrate Mother’s Day too! While being a mom is a pretty awesome super power in itself, today I want to talk about your other gifts.

Recently I was at a Retreat where we were encouraged to participate in self-care. We belly-danced, we sang and we meditated. One common theme was about refilling our cups (you’ll be hearing a lot from me on this subject soon).

As women, we often overlook our many contributions. We dismiss compliments and downplay our gifts and talents to our detriment.

Too often, we don’t acknowledge the many things we do for others and then we get upset when they follow suit. If we want others to appreciate us and the things we do, we need to first do the same for ourselves.

Consider this blog your invitation to acknowledge and celebrate you and your super powers.

What are Your Super Powers?

By now you’ve probably said, “Nicole you’re crazy, I don’t have any super power. I’m just a (fill in the blank).”  Let me prove you wrong.  A few days ago I put the following post on Facebook:








I loved the responses!

  • I shared that “My super power is working with women leaders (aka all of us) to get back to the top of our own priority lists and fill our empty cups so we can give from our overflow!’
  • My friend Jayne said “My super power is the love I have for life and never let the obstacles thrown my way knock me down.“
  • Cynthia our amazing friend and surrogate grandmother to my son said” My super power is working with children. (They are so special. )“
  • Katherine said “Being able to laugh, in spite of it all.“
  • Elizabeth shared that she has “Lots of energy and always see the silver lining.”
  • My friend Deb (who challenged me to write this blog) shared that her “super power is the ability to see both sides of a situation”
  • Cheryl loves to share information that inspires and motivates others.
  • Liz loves to share her passion for Jesus and how he loves her.
  • Eileen share her positive mindset
  • Ericka shared one of my favorites when she said “My boss says I can talk someone into jumping off a bridge holding hot coals with the belief that it’s good for them.”

There were so many awesome responses that showed the incredible depth and breadth of gifts that we all bring to the table.

Celebrate Your Gifts!

I challenge you to look yourself in the mirror and say thank you for what you do. Celebrate your contributions. It can be that loving smile you give everyone, that word of encouragement or that silent strength.

Whatever it is, celebrate your gift and embrace it.

Thank you for who you are and the beautiful things you do!

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