Achieving Your Visions of Going Paperless

The American Forest and Paper Association estimates that the typical business generates 1.7 pounds of paper per person per day. A recent article in the Journal of Accountancy says that industry figures estimate a paperless strategy can save companies up to 30-40%.

Without a cohesive strategy and process to manage the flow and usage of paper, the goal of going paperless or Almost Paperless™ is a daunting one.

Visions Productivity Solutions utilizes resources and processes that help make the vision of going paperless a reality.

Our Process Includes the Following Solutions:

Productive Environment Day™

Perfect for companies preparing to move or who want to go Almost Paperless™ . A Productive Environment Day is key to maintaining a clutter free workspace and:

  • creating a Centrally-Understood Filing System™ that current and future employees can understand
  • promoting efficient and productive use of space
  • simplifying processes and minimizing waste
  • reducing the of duplication of files
  • dictating the archiving and purging of outdated documents

A Productive Environment Audit™ and Gameplan™

Provides recommendations for streamlining work flow and creating a more productive environment in the new office space.

We Work To Achieve These Results

  • Coordinate the people, process and technology required for a productive, ‘almost paperless’ office
  • Establish a repeatable process to eliminate unnecessary physical and electronic records and avoid legal liability of an “information toxic dump”
  • Establish a repeatable process to move essential paper documents and electronic records to a virtual solution
  • Analyze current workflow to understand how it impacts the goal going paperless
  • Provide recommendations to address workflow related issues (including visual representation via diagrams)
  • Identify key considerations necessary to implement a Records Management Strategy
  • Begin the transition to a paperless environment whenever feasible
  • Educate employees on the new system, taking into consideration learning styles and generational differences
  • Create and maintain a Productive Environment™ so everyone can accomplish their work and enjoy their lives

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