4_personality_facesOur personality types say alot about us and when we listen, it can help us be more productive.


Sensing types get their information from their senses, what they observe and experience while the INtuitive types get information from other things and people. It sort of comes down to do you trust your instincts or that gut feeling more than what outside sources tell you.

If you’re a Sensing type like me, you are more comfortable digging for details and researching information before making a decision. INtuitive types are strong in getting a quick grasp on the overall picture and making a decision based on their intuition.


Each preference goes about processing information differently and it’s important to understand how you and your team mates like to make decisions.

Use Sensing types are practical in nature and like to analyze and look at evidence and research before making a decision. We typically have a hard time just going from the gut and being asked to make decisions when we are only presented with a simple concept.


On  the other hand INtuitive types prefer not to be bogged down with a lot of detail or to be inundated with information before being asked to make a decision. They prefer to get the overall concept and end goal first so they can see the vision before being mired in the details.


In my opinion teams work best when you have a balance of both types. It’s important to understand how each member makes decisions and leverage their preference to make sure you keep an eye on the entire forest while you’re busy planting trees.

Up next? Are you a  Thinker vs Feeler?


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