Our personality types say a lot about us and when we listen, it can help us be more productive.

Judging types live a very structured life that others can perceive as disciplined, while Perceptive types are very flexible and go with the flow, keeping their options open.

Do you like order and structure or are you okay going with the flow?

I’m a planner by nature–have been as long as I can remember. It’s important to me that I have a sense of how things will play out, a schedule and at least a loose structure to my day. It is important to me to have closure and to have a sense of control over my environment. Basically I have an inherent need to create order out of chaos. I don’t exactly freak out if doesn’t happen, but it makes me feel unsettled and uncomfortable to just shoot from the hip.You could say I’m a textbook Judging type.

Perceptive types on the other hand prefer to work with a less structured lifestyle. They like to do things on a whim and be more spontaneous. Keeping their options open and having the ability to make changes on the fly is very important to a Perceptive type. They aren’t bothered by a lack of structure and actually prefer not to deal with a rigid or over-planned approach.

So when working with a Judging type it’s important to have a plan or a guide to follow. Meeting agendas, outlines and timelines will make the Judging types on your team very happy. On the other hand, keeping room for flexibility and padding your timelines with cushion will make working with a Perceptive type a lot easier..

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series on the different preferences. Have you identified your own personality type-the four digit code to unlocking why you do the things you do?

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