balance_money_and_loveI had an experience recently that was a perfect storm of all the things that often happen to “Supermoms” everywhere.

I had to go to a networking event. Good news…I was prepared with my elevator speech, printed one sheet that had two great complimentary gifts, and my business cards were ready to go.  Even better news…I found something to wear that made me feel great about myself, still fit well and didn’t have any stains from little hands on it. So I’m packed and ready to walk out the door….oops! Hubby calls and says the dreaded words “I’ll be getting home late from work.” Press pause.


Before I became a mom, this wouldn’t have been an issue. Since becoming a mom, I really appreciate the precision of the smooth child hand off while I dash out the door. Once he makes it home, I’m now behind schedule and off to fight my way through traffic. I eventually make it to the event (a little late) but glad I attended because I met some great people.


Upon reflection, it drove home how much moms everywhere juggle that Supermom act– especially us ShEOs or mompreneurs who have our own businesses. We wear many hats and are forever playing catch up–being a mom, wife, friend, colleague and business owner the list can go on.


I’ve often said, my son is my biggest personal productivity and organizing challenge. Why?  Simply because what happens with kids is unpredictable. How do I cope with it?

  1. I manage my expectations. I have to accept that I can’t do it all. So I’ve become really honest about the things that I can actually get done vs. the things I want to do. Being clear on my priorities and goals helps tremendously.
  2. I give myself breathing room. This is not as easy as it sounds. Wherever possible, I try to do prep work ahead of schedule so I’m not always pressed for time. Five minutes here or there can add up to a BIG difference on a busy schedule.
  3. I use my tools. There are a ton of great personal productivity tools out there. There are a few that I use faithfully to keep me in line. I would not survive without my calendar or my iPEP to keep my time and information under control.
  4. I have learned to say No. One of the biggest boosts to my productivity has been learning to say “no” or “not right now” to things and people who drain or divert my energy.
  5. I make time for what’s important. One of the joys of being my own “boss” is to set my own schedule. I work very hard, but I know it’s equally important to play too. I make sure I set time aside for important things. Every day, there is time blocked on my calendar for my son so we can do whatever he wants to do. I also make sure I get rest and exercise.


    I’d love to hear from you. What things do you do to  cope with the stress of being a SuperMom?

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