gold_stick_figure_with_magnifying_glassHaving a hard time focusing on what you’re doing? Try these Focus Strategies to boost your personal productivity!

Leverage your Focus Time

  • Schedule few  time blocks throughout the day when you will work on the most important projects that you need to complete. Try to schedule at least 90 minutes a day for this work.


Educate your co-workers on what you are doing.

  • Tell them “I’m trying something new to better manage my workload. I’ll be closing my door for brief periods when I need to concentrate on something, so when that happens I’m asking you to please leave me a message or hold your question until the next Staff Meeting. Will you be willing to support me on this?”

Manage Expectations

  • Instruct others that you will not check voice-mails, emails, respond to knocks on the door or items pushed under the door until your Focus Time is over.
  • Explain to them why it is important for you to be able to work un-interrupted (i.e., new business development, attention to key client projects, maintaining your sanity).

Staff Meetings

  • Hold brief Staff meetings 2-3 times a day to allow them a chance to bring issues or concerns to you.
  • Encourage them to hold their questions until the next Staff Meeting.


Push Back

  • Do not allow any interruptions.
  • If they insist on interrupting, politely inform them that you are working on an important project and will not be able to address their issue until a specified time.

Close the office door for some focused project work.

  • Post a note at the door entrance when you are trying to focus on a project asking the person to interrupt if they really need to speak, or wait till a certain time if the questions/comment can wait.
  • Instruct others to slip a note under the door if they need to meet or have a question, and knock only if the problem requires immediate attention.
  • Use voice mail to answer your calls.

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