gold_computer_virtual_meetingAre you Ready to Work with a Productivity Consultant?

As a small business owner and entrepreneur, I understand what it means to wear many hats.  I’ve learned that being able to focus on what’s important helps to reduce the stress that comes from the many demands of running a business.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed from all of your responsibilities and find it difficult to be productive and focus, working with a productivity consultant can really make a big difference in your success.

How do You Know if You are Ready for Virtual Productivity Consulting?

If you’ve agreed that you’d like to work with an productivity consultant, now you have to decide how you’d like to work with that consultant. Do you want to work face-to-face, or are you willing to work virtually?

The important thing to remember is that no matter if you choose in person or virtual consulting,
success will depend on how committed you are to the process and
how much effort you put into making true lasting changes.

    Some advantages of working virtually are:

    • Some people find it easier to share problems and speak about their concerns or productivity issues over the phone because it feels more anonymous
    • If you prefer, you can leverage technology to have a similar experience as face-to-face by using the computer and digital cameras to add a visual component (pictures, webcam, etc.)
    • You can keep your work with a consultant off the radar from your colleagues because you won’t have to make explanations about your visitor
    • With Visions Productivity Solutions,  we offer a flexible schedule with evening and late appointments available
    • You’ll get results as long as you commit to the process and the system





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