shoe_boxed_icon_base_mediaIf you’re currently storing your business cards (aka leads/prospects) and receipts (aka possible tax deductions) in a shoebox under your desk, I’d like to introduce you to another solution! (Your accountant will love you for it!)

Shoeboxed is a mail-in service for receipts, invoices, business cards, and other vital paper-based information. They scan the documents, pull out your information and a real live person verifies your  data to make sure it’s accurate. Then they make it available for download from a secure website.


Shoeboxed is a unique and valuable service for Small and Medium Business (SMB) or Small-Office / Home Office (SOHO) users. Sold on a monthly or annual subscription basis, Shoeboxed is used by thousands of business owners, entrepreneurs, accountants, and other professionals.

If you are an accountant, a Virtual Assistant and meed multiple Shoeboxedaccounts for your clients or colleagues–they’ve got you covered too!

So get ready to ditch the cardboard box and reduce your paper clutter and go on over to Shoeboxed and sign up for your account now!

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