When I work with a client, it’s important that we have clarity about what their VISION of productivity is. Having this clearly defined vision is the only way to be able to measure success and results. The VPS VISIONS process is designed to help you achieve successful long term results.

Here’s how the process goes.

Step #1 Visualize what you want your work/life/desk/office to be.

  • Be clear about what you want your end result to be.

Step #2 Identify what’s holding you back

  • Think about what obstacles are getting in your way to prevent you from reaching your goal.

Step #3 Sort through your priorities, options and resources

  • Focus on the things and people that are truly most important to you.

Step #4 Implement your solutions

  • Be up front about what you are willing to commit to get results—think time, energy and money.

Step #5 Own your results

  • The hard part is maintenance, so put a plan in place to sustain your work.

Step #6 Nurture your progress

  • It’s important to reward yourself on a job well done and provide motivation to continue your progress.

Step #7 Savor your success daily

  • Don’t forget to  celebrate your success

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