The change agents are among us…..

I consider change agents to be anything that can have a significant enough impact on our lives to change the way we go about daily living.  (For example a cut on your finger is one thing, but a lost finger can change how you are able to go about your day to day.)

So what are the change agents in your life? More importantly, how do you plan for and manage them?

Our worlds are full of deadlines at home and work, most of which are usually not much in our control.

Try to stay ahead of projects

Tracking and breaking down projects into manageable tasks that can be accomplished in shorter time frames. Use your calendar or planner to schedule reminders and blocks of times to get these key tasks done. If you can, delegate those portions of the assignment that can reasonably be accomplished by someone else on the team.

Don’t lose sight of the bigger picture

Change agents are always “at work”. Pay attention to the clues that change is coming. The rumor mill will be full of them, don’t live by them all, by doing your research to separate fact from fiction.  Prepare yourself for change by staying close to what’s happening with senior management or other departments and consider how those changes can affect your world.

Take stock of your accomplishments

Make it a habit to assess your goals and check your career plan routinely to prepare for a change in job titles or to take advantage of new opportunities. Sign up for available training and ready relevant industry publications to stay current and viable with your profession. Be ready to adapt if your job function or department undergoes change. Learning to anticipate change and rolling with the punches is a valuable skill in your arsenal.

The more you embrace and prepare for change and manage your reactions, the less change will manage you. Plan for what you can and give yourself a chance to adapt and absorb the impact for the change agents in your life.

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