Send Out Cards is an amazing relationship building tool that will let you reconnect with friends, family, clients and colleagues.

  • How often have you forgotten to acknowledge an important date or event?
  • Neglected to thank or follow up with someone after an act of generosity or kindness?
  • How well do you follow up with client leads and prospects? Do you make reaching out to colleagues and important contacts a priority?

Now with the holidays fast approaching, I can reach out with a personallized message to my clients and colleagues easily–and so can you!

You may think it takes a lot to do these things, but with Send Out Cards, you can send a printed greeting card with your message quickly and directly from your computer.

There is no need to go to the card store, you still get to choose your own cards, personalize them with your own messge and even include your own images.

It’s the perfect mechanism for small businesses to cost effectively:

  • Build relationships, customer loyalty and retention
  • Create top-of-mind awareness with prospects, clients and referral sources
  • Have a unique point of difference from their competitors
  • Make customers or employees feel appreciated and acknowledged
  • Increase warm referrals
  • Potentially develop an additional stream of income

It is a simple and professional way follow up with your customers, vendors and associates, and remain top of mind.

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