Caculate the Cost of Disorganization

Calculate The Cost Of Disorganization

The information you provide is not collected by our company in any way.

To get started, simply fill in the values requested below (do not use dollar signs or commas). The results will show how many hours you’re losing per year– and how much those hours are costing you— due to the inefficiency of lost information.

To calculate the cost of disorganization for your department or company,
please indicate number of employees and provide an average figure in the other fields.

Average salary
Example: “30000”
(no commas)
Number of employees

Number of non-working (vacation) weeks/year

Number of hours worked/week

What Disorganization Costs You or Your Company*
Per Year   $
Per Month   $
Per Week   $
*Calculations based on the average amount of time an employee
wastes per day looking for misplaced items.

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