Join us for this 7 class series that dives deeper into conquering the Agonizing 6. 

1.Handling incoming items 2.Prioritizing your workload 3.Rational and realistic use of your time 4.Managing projects 5.Personality issues that impact your work life and 6.Psychological issues and self defeating behaviors

Price: $250 (Each class is $50 individually. Register for the entire series and save $100.)

Course contents:

Each participant receives the GO System Implementation Kit and will have an opportunity to get personalized questions and learn how to put the lessons of the GO System in place to beat the Agonizing 6.

The GO System Implementation Kit to help you put in practice the proven techniques on beating the Agonizing 6. You’ll receive:

  • A 96-page workbook of ideas and exercises for addressing specific issues to improve focus, organization and productivity
  • A copy of Getting Organized, a 192-page book that includes a collection of ideas addressing the six major issues that cause disorganization
  • A step-by-step guide for implementing the GO System that includes 35 specific steps for improving productivity
  • A bullet-point, quick reference reminder
  • A wallet-size reminder card of key beliefs that support your goal to be more organized
  • An initial supply of follow-up forms
  • A complete set of suggested file folder tabs for immediate system implementation
  • A CD with a variety of implementation resources including forms, labels, and reminders
  • Plus a bonus copy of Insights on Productivity a book featuring a collection of simple but effective ideas written by members of the Network for Productivity Excellence.

Course Breakdown 

  1. Organizing Basics
  2. Handling Incoming Items Part 1
  3. Prioritizing Your Workload
  4. Rational and Realistic Use of Your Time
  5. Managing Projects Without Missing a Step
  6. Personality Issues and How They Affect You at Work
  7. Psychological Issues and Self Defeating Behavior
  8. Accountability and Action Plan

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