Are You Agonized or Organized?

Small business owners and professionals everywhere struggle with the task of staying organized and being ready for growth.

If you’ve ever misplaced an important file or failed to follow up on a lead because you didn’t have the time or lost someone’s contact information, join us for a discussion on beating disorganization at work.

Why is organization so important to a business owner? Why should you care about getting organized?

Being disorganized can cost you money.

There are six big issues that cause disorganization in the workplace, learn which ones have you agonized and what you can do to become more productive and reduce your stress.

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  1. How Do You Know if You’re Disorganized? 24 Signs to Watch Out For- October 14, 2009 8-9pm EST
  2. Choosing the Right Calendar for You- November 18, 2009 8-9pm EST
  3. 20 Ways to Becoming a Better Time Keeper-December 16, 2009 8-9pm EST
  4. 25 Ways to Beat Procrastination
  5. 22 Easy Tips to Get Your Desk Organized and Clear of Clutter
  6. The Decisions You Can Make to Handle Your Incoming Items
  7. Have You Seen My?…14 Ways to Keep Track of Your Things
  8. No Is Not a Dirty word -What to do When Everyone Comes to You
  9. Planning for Success
  10. Transformation Through Delegation
  11. The Pursuit of Perfection Can you Rush This? (Is Urgent Always Important?)



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Free Teleseminar Series

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