3d_team_buildingWhen you’re building a team, it’s important that everyone’s on the same page when it comes to how they manage their time, space and information. Our group training programs below are customizable to the needs of your team.

Productive Team Workshop

How Does Personality Impact Team Productivity? Whether we want to admit it or not, our personalities –those unique qualities, traits, talents and behavior preferences–impact the way we interact with our environments and others even when we work. Our Visions Productive Team™ Workshop explores the productivity strengths and challenges of the basic personality influences and the 16 personality types and how to leverage them in your team for success. Participants will gain an understanding of how temperament influences their organizing and productivity style and receive information on practices they can put in place to leveraging the strengths and minimize potential obstacles of their personality type.

Creating a Productive Environment in the Digital Age™

Our passion is helping small businesses create and sustain what we call a productive environment – an intentional setting in which everything in your office assists you to increase profit, productivity and peace of mind.  We do this by helping you and your team to organize time, space and information so everyone can accomplish their work and enjoy their lives.  Unlike other organizing consultants, we leave you a with a system you can maintain long after we are gone.  We customize our services to meet individual personalities and the specific mission of your company.  We totally guarantee our services.

Lunch ‘n Learn

Worried about taking too much time out of the workday, but interested in bringing great training to your team? The Lunch ‘n Learn series is great for those looking to provide a great resource for a variety of productivity challenges. Join in our virtual sessions or bring us in to your location, these short seminars can be delivered in 45 minutes-perfect for bringing valuable tips to your team.  Create a customized seminar series with all or some of our topics on the challenges and self-defeating behaviors that can kill productivity in the workplace.

Students & Youth Programs

An interactive youth workshop to explore the skills of being an organized leader. The purpose of the workshop is to give participants an outline of the basic skills needed to become and stay organized and to help them understand how to use their personal leadership style to do so. The material will be customized and delivered in a language and tone relevant to the age of the participant groups. Participants will walk away with “mini” Productivity plans to get them on the road to organizing success.



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