We can help3d_choices you and your company’s employees create and sustain a more productive work environment. We accomplish this by organizing your time, space, and information, ultimately creating greater efficiency, less stress and a more harmonious workplace.

Our Productive Environment Process™ uses five steps to achieve your goal or obtaining and sustaining a productive environment. We help you through The Productive Environment Process™ to

  1. State your vision
  2. Identify your obstacles
  3. Commit your resources
  4. Create your SYSTEMs
  5. Maintain your success

It’s all about you! The tools we use include :

Paper Productivity Solution

A complete, turnkey organizing and productivity service for a department or entire organization.

A full Productivity Solution includes all the philosophy, processes, and tools to help the client increase productivity by organizing time, space, and information.

Services include : Productive Environment AuditTM and Productive Environment GamePlanTM, The 8-Hour MiracleTM or Productivity QuickStartTM for all employees, a Productive Environment DayTM, Taming the Paper Tiger in the Digital AgeTM seminar, and a Productivity Tune-UpTM. The order in which these services are implemented will vary depending upon the needs of the client.

Paper Productivity System™

Method for organizing paper files in three locations: individual offices, central files, and archives.

This service is designed to provide the client a Centrally-Understood Filing SystemTM for paper and other physical resources, using iPEP, so that anyone in the company can find anything they need in 5 seconds. This outcome can be reached in a variety of ways based on the client’s needs, including a “turnkey design and implementation” by the consultant or a train the trainer program where the consultant administers the project but the company employees do the actual implementation.

iPEPlatform® powered by PBWorks

iPEP is a powerful collaboration and information finding system that allows you to access your information-both physical and electronic in one place from any Internet connection.

  • iPEP is the first and only solution that helps you file and retrieve your p hysical files (in filing cabinets and bookshelves) and your electronic files in one place.
  • iPEP combines Barbara Hemphill’s Paper Tiger methodology, with the best of Web 2.0 technology to help you find anything you file, online and off, in 5 seconds.
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The 8-Hour Miracle™

Eight hours of hands-on personal organizing service with one individual in one office (including assistant, if desirable).

The 8-Hour MiracleTM is a proven process for managing time, space, and information. It’s an “intervention” program for one individual in one location. It is based on the Paper Tiger principle: “Today’s mail is tomorrow’s pile!” Often when people are overwhelmed with clutter and disorganized, they try to solve the problem starting with the old piles. But while they are tossing out the old stuff, new stuff – often more interesting or threatening continues to come in. Research shows that 80% of what we keep we never use, so in reality, spending time organizing the old stuff can be a complete waste of time!

The 8-Hour MiracleTM ignores the old stuff and begins by creating a new system for the client to handle everything coming in from that day forward! It utilizes the Paper Tiger software and may include EasyReach software.

At the end of eight hours, the client is promised three things:


  1. They will know what to do with every new item that comes into their office.
  2. They will be able to find anything we have put into the system in 5 seconds.
  3. They will have a GamePlan for anything not yet in the system at the end of the 8 hours.

Productive Environment Day™

Office file clean out for company or department.

File clean out is a key activity in moving a client to a productive environment. Productive Environment DayTM can be part of a total productivity solution or a stand-alone service. In the past, most companies had central filing systems. Those days are gone. Now clients can create and maintain a Centrally-Understood Filing SystemTM that current and future employees can understand and use. This is also a great service for a company that is preparing to move its office. It’s the one time to address every physical item in the office. Research shows that 80% of what we keep we never use, so there will be a reduction in moving costs and a faster return to “normal” at the new location.

Productivite Environment Audit™

Needs assessment to identify areas where a client requires assistance.

A Productive Environment AuditTM is a “needs assessment” to identify where a client wants help using a Productive Environment ScorecardTM. Each employee can complete an individual Scorecard, or an executive or manager can fill out a Scorecard for the organization. The time required to complete an assessment varies, depending on the number of people, the space involved, and the complexity of the business. The assessment is usually done in the client’s office, but in some instances, it can be done with photographs and conference calls. The outcome of a Productive Environment AuditTM is a Productive Environment GamePlanTM.

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All trademarks and registrations are the property of Hemphill Institute

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