Mismanagement of the 3Ts™—your Time, Team and Tasks— can be incredible drains to your productivity.



The average person today receives more information on a daily basis than anyone received in a lifetime in 1900. On average, we process over 6,000 thoughts daily!

Clutter and disorganization is a huge issue resulting from information overload—especially in the workplace. It’s overwhelming to be on the receiving end of all the sources of information in our lives:

  • Voice Generated: calls, conversations etc.
  • Electronic Sources: emails, Internet, Social media, text and instant messaging, etc.
  • People: teammates, meetings supervisors, family members, clients and vendors

From home based offices to small businesses, my goal is to help you achieve your vision of becoming more productive.

My  office productivity services will help:

Home Based Business Owners

  • Put a home office to work by developing an efficient work flow and an easy to maintain administrative process
  • Conquer paperwork, piles of mail and get email clutter under control

Small Businesses

  • Have a filing system everyone can access
  • Create a plan to stay on top of your files– paper & electronic
  • Learn techniques for proper time and project management
  • Make sure everyone is a part of your record management strategy

Learn how you can take advantage of my expertise to make your office more productive.

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